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Subject: WOW – 1000 e-mails in 30 minutes

What a great subject line, and it wasn’t even one we thought up. It was one we received with an email from one of our “SYSTEM” clients, Dr. Tom Gargiula. What perfect timing because today’s Marketing Pearl of the Week is about Affiliate Marketing, and Dr. Tom nails how to create an affiliate relationship for your practice that will get your message out to thousands and thousands of potential patients.

Here is the rest of the email:

Steve & Alan,

I had to write I am so pumped.  This stuff really works.  I gave a talk last night at the YMCA for the Personal Trainers.  There were 12 of them and my part was 30 minutes to teach them something that would help them as trainers.  I brought 3 hand outs about health and the nerve system.  I made a sign up sheet to get their e-mail addresses.  I started by giving each of them a gift of the Health & Wellness Tips.  As the sign up sheet was getting passed around and I explained what they were, the director thought it would be a great idea if we collaborated and she forwarded the weekly tips to her e-mail list of over 1000 families who are among the 4500 families who are members at our local YMCA.  I said “Well, Okay” (HaHa).

How cool is that.  She thought it was her idea, so she is now motivated to get more of the 4500 e-mail addresses to spread this info even further.

Here is the crazy part.  We have been affiliated with this YMCA for 15 years.  I have done screenings and a variety of talks there during these 15 years.  I do not think I have come in contact with 1000 people in those 15 years.  And the contacts I did make were for 5 minutes during a screening and that is it.  I know you both said this would happen, but seeing it with my own eyes blew me away.

The best part is that the site is not even done yet.  It will be by Monday.  Mike at Pixel has the info now.

Please use this as a testimonial.

Make Today Your BEST Day EVER!!!

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