Video Marketing Using New Technology

It  seems new technology pops up everyday. In fact, you can get lost if you try to incorporate everything that comes down the pike into your marketing strategy.

So how do you determine what you should seriously consider and what you should pass on?

Here is a simple list to use to judge a technology as worthy or not.

  1. Does it make your ability to communicate with your audience easier?
  2. Is there a real benefit?
  3. Does it offer something new that is easy to adapt to?
  4. Is it more convenient for your audience?
  5. Does it bring more value to your audience?
  6. Does it make your audience feel special (VIP)?
  7. Is it compatible with what is hot right now?
  8. Is it easy to get, and set up?
  9. Does the benefit outweigh the cost?
  10. Can it be used with multiple platforms, i.e. PC and Mac?
  11. Is it really different or is it duplicating something that already exists?
  12. Will it increase your conversions?
  13. Will it ultimately increase your revenue?

Now finally there is a technology that is worthy, The Cross Platform Widget.

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  1. You are on the cutting edge and helping so many people.

    I am very thankful for you Alan…

  2. Alan:
    I hope you saw my response to you in this thread about using this with your new porgram in your office which I think is going to be a killer and saving many lives.

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