Reasons You Need Mobile Apps

The reasons you need your own Mobile Apps are becoming more compelling each day.  These short entertaining videos are created to help you understand that if you don’t have your own mobile apps your marketing is severely limited.  Each video was intentionally kept at around 1 minute so that you can digest as many of these as possible.  Our job is to build Mobile Apps for you that are the most effective and least expensive app options.  If you want to know more about mobile marketing click here.

Reason 11 Already, over 45 per cent of Facebook users are mobile-only. When the world’s largest social network becomes, in effect, a mobile property, it is time for everyone to take notice. In short, mobile will be “Job #1” for all major markets in 2016. That is, for any marketer who does not want to be left far, far behind.

Reason 10 In 2016, mobile device users will spend 3 hours 15 minutes per day using apps. Guess what? If you don’t have your own mobile apps they will have no time left for you.

Reason 9 Call conversions are 10X what website conversions are and Mobile Apps make the call a click away.

Reason 8 91% of people check their email at least once prepay from their smartphone, yet they won’t zoom or scroll which means your email gets deleted without being read.

Reason 7 Four out of five local searches on mobile devices end in a purchase. If they are searching for you, mobile users are ready to buy.

Reason 6 Right now people are spending over 3 hours a day on their mobile devices. That means if you have your own Mobile App you can reach your audience more often and for longer periods of time.

Reason 5 Right now 99.5 percent of your potential patients, customers and clients are searching on their mobile device to do business with you and when they search, Google makes sure those companies that have their own mobile Apps show up first.

Reason 4 Facebook now has about 3 billion video views a day on their Mobile App. That should tell you that you need to be doing video and you need your own Mobile Apps so you can brand your business not Facebook’s. Facebook doesn’t need your help.

Reason 3 With 60% of Digital Media time spent on mobile devices, mobile marketing will continue to gain influence.

Reason 2 Over 3 billion people are now using mobile apps and all of them are available for you to connect with.

Reason 1 More people now search on mobile than on a desktop device.  If you don’t have your own Apps how do you think they will find you on their mobile device?


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