Video Marketing: Your Very Own Facebook Slideshow

Ian Lurie Treat your Facebook page like you would your web site: With high production standards and great content. Your Facebook audience is every bit as discriminating.
Company: Portent Interactive Twitter: @portentint Author: Conversation Marketing
Mitch Joel Facebook is fascinating and scary because it is so many different things to so many
different people. Marketers really need to meditate on that. My Facebook experience will look (and be) completely different from yours – even if we follow some of the same people. The thing about Facebook is that brands need to become as valuable, trustworthy and caring as people’s friends and close connections are. Facebook is not another broadcasting channel. It’s a relationship building platform. It forces Marketers to shift from an advertising mindset into a two-way publishing mind-set.
Company: Twist Image Twitter: @mitchjoel Author: Six Pixels of Separation
Dharmesh Shah Facebook is not really a social networking company. It’s a social interaction data company. Not since Google started crawling billions of web pages, indexing them and creating a ”link graph” that we’ve seen so much information contained within one company. What makes Facebook even more powerful in some respects than Google is that unlike Google, who has to spend considerable resources “crawling” the web to find information, Facebook knows, in real-time, what is happening. When you add a new web page, or link to somewhere new, Google has to ”discover” it (which consumes resources). When you add a new friend, share a link, or “like” something — Facebook knows. Facebook has the information sooner and gets it at a much lower cost than Google. That’s a powerful strategic position.
Company: HubSpot Twitter: @dharmesh Author: Inbound Marketing
Paul Dunay What makes Facebook so powerful is that unlike Google, which works on search history and proprietary algorithm, Facebook operates on real data, real people’s names, real email addresses, real shared thoughts, tastes, news. Facebook has a shot a mastering targeted contextual advertising, which would become an irresistible opportunity for marketers, one that will make Google look like a betamax tape in comparison because of the richness of the profile data that you can leverage. It is my opinion that Facebook has evolved from a social network to a communication platform and is now becoming a social operating system!
Blog: Buzz Marketing for Technology Twitter: @Pauldunay Author: Facebook Marketing for Dummies
Brian Solis Even though you already know that Facebook is an important part of your marketing strategy, it is far more potent than we realize. in Facebook, the locks that separate us from attention and relevance will always change and as a result, the keys necessary to unlock engagement no longer work after time. We can’t underestimate the intelligence of consumers, especially as their social savvy matures. Their ability to “like,” comment, and share is really is only the beginning of something more useful. And, at over 500 million users strong, no matter the size of your community to date, it’s really not even close to realizing its full potential. Become an indispensable part of the larger network in order to build a presence of substance. It’s how you will effectively bridges between your activity and your official programming to not only grow your dedicated community, but also empower it.
Company: Future Works Twitter: @briansolis Author: Engage
Jake Hird With Facebook on the verge of announcing 500m users, it’s a platform that can’t be ignored. Rumours of upcoming f-commerce, intelligent search capabilities and more integration with 3rdparties
mean that industry professionals need to be actively monitoring the site and considering it as
a weapon in their marketing arsenal.
Company: Econsultancy Twitter: @Jake_Hird
Janet Fouts Nobody ever really has privacy on the internet, so why did we expect Facebook to be any
different? As people grow to understand the issues of privacy on the internet they’ll realize it’s not
just Facebook. Facebook is still a valid tool in your social media tool-belt. It’s just not the only one. Be
respectful of your market on any social network and they will return the favor.
Company: Social Media Coaching Center Twitter: @Jfouts Author: Social Media Success!
Scott Fox The top challenge for marketers on Facebook this year is successfully separating their
personal and professional lives. Facebook needs to prioritize these kinds of privacy tools to help
businesses use its systems better.
Blog: E-Commerce Success Blog Twitter: @scott_fox Author: e-Riches 2.0
Ann Handley Like Twitter and LinkedIn and other social media platforms, Facebook allows companies
to build real relationships with their prospects and buyers, engaging them in honest and human ways.
Those brands that use Facebook as a broadcast tool (something I see all the time) totally miss the
point. Which is a shame, because of all the social platforms, Facebook is crazy-powerful for two
reasons: Facebook’s ability to connect exponentially (with friends of friends of friends) represents an
amazing opportunity that we’ve only begun to realize; and its broad reach: My 13-year-old daughter
and her 53-year-old aunt are on Facebook. And actively, too. Is there another platform that, with 400
million users (and growing), comes close?
Company: Marketing Profs Twitter: @MarketingProfs Blog: MarketingProfs Daily Fix
Mirna Bard Facebook’s privacy controversy was a wake-up call that made people think twice about
what they share online– definitely not a bad thing! Facebook’s problem is lack of strategy, poor
customer service and not educating users how to leverage the site.
Blog: Mirna Bard Twitter: @MirnaBard
Jay Baer Despite their Scrooge McDuck level overreach on the privacy front, Facebook has the
potential to tie the disparate Web together in ways we’ve never imagined. By Christmas, Facebook will
be a formidable player in Web metrics, and Google Analytics’ “7 people who came to your site were in
New York” will seem absurdly basic compared to Facebook’s “here’s the names of the people that
“liked” your content, their ages, where they went to school, a list of their friends” etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
Facebook’s true advantage (and game plan) isn’t consumer generated content, it’s the behavioral data
that flows from our interactions with that content.
Blog: Convince & Convert Twitter: @jaybaer
Ari Herzog I joined Facebook during the spring of 2005 as a graduate student. As I write this
sentence five years later, I’m contemplating deleting my account– following in the footsteps of
social media thinkers I respect. They deleted their accounts because they were annoyed that
Facebook management forces users to opt-in to features to use the site. Regulators are breathing
down Facebook’s neck today. I’d be surprised if the site is around in 2012. If it is, it will look
much different.
Blog: AriWriter Twitter: @ariherzog
Jacob Morgan As Facebook continues to grow and socialize the web its relevance in the Social
CRM space will increase. We have to remember though that Facebook is social media, meaning
it’s nothing more than a channel. All companies need to focus on strategy first before they even
think about customer engagement channels.
Blog: Social Media Globetrotter Twitter: @JacobM Author: Twittfaced
Paul Chaney In 1999, having a Web site was the be-all, end-all. Today, having a presence on
Facebook is now the imperative. Businesses need to have a presence in places where customers
congregate. Today, that place is Facebook.
Blog: The Social Media Handyman Twitter: @pchaney Author: The Digital Handshake
Andy Beal Facebook is not a popularity contest, so think twice before adding a stranger to your
network. You never know when they might post something that embarrasses you, ask for
something that makes you feel uncomfortable, or simply break-in to your house because they
know you are on vacation!
Blog: Marketing Pilgrim Twitter: @andybeal Author: Radically Transparent
Kevin Gibbons Facebook’s wealth of information means there’s lots of great marketing
opportunities out there for advertisers looking to create targeted demographic campaigns.
Facebook marketing tip: low CTR’s mean that you can receive great branding at previously
unheard of CPM prices.
Company: SEOptimise Twitter: @kevgibbo
Joel Postman Marketers should think not about what is legal, what is allowable, or what is
technically possible, but about what is fair and right.
Blog: Socialized PR Twitter: @jpostman Author: SocialCorp
Daniel Flamberg Facebook isn’t a blunt instrument. It has great potential as a nuanced CRM tool if
it’s not abused. Think long and hard about context, sensibilities and the psycho-demographics of
your intended audience. Target carefully; make a compelling offer in a creative way that suits the
social setting. Facebook has the potential to cement customer relationships if used thoughtfully.
Company: Juice Pharma Blog: Manhattan Marketing Maven Twitter: @flamster
Sharlyn Lauby While people may have originally joined Facebook for personal reasons, we’re
seeing them blend professional networking into their profile.
Company: ITM Group Twitter: @sharlyn_lauby Blog: HR Bartender
The Facebook Page Marketing Guide 2010 Page 27
Kelsey Childress Facebook is at the forefront of forging personal relationships with current and
potential customers. Remember to respect their intelligence, make everything a conversation
instead of a one-way megaphone, and go out of your way to be interesting and valuable.
Company: Awen Creative Twitter: @wonderwall7 Blog: The Social Robot
Maddie Grant Build community on Facebook only if your stakeholders are there.
Company: Socialfish Twitter: @maddiegrant Blog: SocialFishing
Ravit Lichtenberg As services and products get commoditized, people will choose those brands
who demonstrate thought leadership and care. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to
deliver value around issues that matter to your constituents in a way that works for them. Don’t
sell, don’t preach, don’t spam. Excel.
Company: Ustrategy Twitter: @ravit_ustrategy Blog: Ustrategy
David Berkowitz Facebook has 500 million users today. What are you waiting for, a billion? It’ll get
there, so get off the sidelines and find meaningful ways to engage them.
Company: 360i Twitter: @dberkowitz Blog: Inside the Marketer’s Studio

Is this not the coolest video you have seen?  Here is a way to put a complete slideshow about you and your business right on your Facebook Like page.  The best part is we show you exactly how to do it and it doesn’t cost you anything.  That’s value.

So why do we give away these great Social Media strategies when other people charge so much for them?

Some people are missing the boat when it comes to Social Media. Is it a great vehicle for you and your business? Yes! Is that where the action is?  Yes! Is it the “end all and be all” of marketing?  No!

The goal of your Social Media marketing like all other marketing is to get clients/patients/customers to use your services or buy your product(s). And, like all other forms of marketing, not everyone is going to  become your client/patient/customer or customer just because they came to your Facebook Like page or read your Tweet, or read your blog post. Some of those people are going to stop by and leave. Some may come back again and some never again. That is why the goal of all your Social Media marketing, like all of your marketing, should be first and foremost to capture the lead; their name and email and get them into your database . Why? Because leads are potential clients/patients/customers that want to do business with you but need a little push.

That push is what we call Follow-Up. Repetitively marketing to the lead over and over with great information until they realize that for them to be successful, for them to be healthier, for them to reach their goal they need your services and your expertise.  This is the reason we send you these posts.  This is the reason that all people in the profession do the same thing. Dr. Steve, Pat Gentempo, Matt Loop, David Jackson, Jason Dietz all do the same thing.  Everyone of these great leaders mentioned have one thing in common. A follow-up system they use to convert you into a client.

You need a follow-up system, The SYSTEM to convert your leads into clients. This way when you attract a potential client/patient/customer through Social Media, through your lectures, through whatever you do, you have an automated SYSTEM to make the conversion.  Thats what we are about. That is what we are selling.  The SYSTEM that does all the work for you. If the best marketers use follow-up, shouldn’t you?

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