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Doc_SuitThe Marketing Tip of the Week is brought to you by Dr. Alan Weinstein and 2nd Cousin Media & Marketing.

At 2nd Cousin, Inc. we are your source of everything video.  If you want to look professional and have all the videos and live streaming events done for you so you can concentrate on building your business and your brand we are that company.

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Dr. Alan is considered an expert brain based marketer.  He currently helps brands and companies develop live video streaming platforms who know nothing about technology but want the most professional-looking internet presence available without having to invest in equipment or learn all the technology.

He is also the creator of the VIP App the most effective communication tool available today.

Rather than me telling you how effective the SYSTEM Coaching Program is, I’ll let a few of my clients tell you

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The VIP App

More than ever, it’s time to embrace technology. And look at how we can communicate with our audience from a completely different perspective. I have something brand new to introduce to you. And I’m confident it will absolutely blow you away.

I’m going to show you how you can effectively use “Google Hangouts On Air” or any Live Streaming Service like YouTube, Blab, or Periscope, to stay in touch with your tribe, and get an attendance rate of at least 93% to show up. And even that is being conservative once you understand how this works.

Just imagine getting a minimum of 93% attendance rates. And on a consistent basis as well. These days those sort of numbers are normally completely unheard of.

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