Video Marketing Tip of the Week-Facebook from Fan to Patient

Everyone tells you that Facebook is a great vehicle to help you build your practice.  The problem is no one tells you how to go about doing it.

Look, we all know there are basic things you need to do for your Facebook business page to give you the credibility to get  people to Like you.  We make that easy if you are a SYSTEM client by creating killer Facebook Timeline pages including your Welcome Video, your Interview, your e-book, and the Doctor Resource.  Combine that with over 9200 articles we give you for the best most original content you can post on Facebook and getting the Like is easy.

However, there is a big difference between having Fans and having Fans that are patients and hardly anyone tells you how to accomplish that.

Here is Rule #1:  To get Fans to be come patients you must get them off your Facebook Page and on to your website.

In this Video Marketing Tip of the Week we show you a simple way to get your Fans to your website, where they can learn about you, and what you do.  Watch it now!

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Facebook Timeline does not have to be difficult.

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