Video Marketing Tip of the Week-Content Explosion

Lets get right to the point. With so many marketers already vying for your business, and new ones appearing on the scene all the time, it’s getting hard to know who to take seriously and who to ignore.

The best filter to use so you know that you are getting the best information is to pay attention to what the marketing experts are saying that the people who are trying to get your business are learning from.

What the top marketers in the world are saying right now is content, content, content.  In the above Video Marketing Tip of the Week, we show you how to get the best content available and be able to get it out to your patients and clients in literally minutes, branding you as the expert in your community.

And just so you know we are not the only ones saying this here is the social proof.

“One of the single biggest challenges for marketers is the need to produce content on a regular basis. It it time-consuming, or expensive (if you outsource), or difficult if you’re working in a niche you know little about.”

“Most sites “die on the vine” because content isn’t being created at the tempo it should be. That leaves marketers scratching their heads wondering, “Why doesn’t Google love my site?” or “Why do my visitors hit the back button as soon as they arrive?”

“There are two things the search engines want: regularly published high quality content and social interactions (on-site and off-site in the social networks).”

“It’s always been my belief that the proper way to execute search engine marketing, or work with public relations is through content.”

“The time is over for divorcing content from all other aspects of PR, search, advertising or marketing.”

“When it comes to marketing strategies, content marketing has just been crowned king, far surpassing search engine marketing, public relations and even print, television and radio advertising as the preferred marketing tool for today’s entrepreneur.”

“The great thing about content marketing is that it improves everything else including customer relations, pr, and your website search placement over the long haul. People are hungry for information. Being the supplier of information is no longer an option. All businesses are information businesses.”

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