Video Marketing Tip of the Week-Chiropractic Wake-Up Call Part 4

Like to have pictures of you adjusting people on your website?

Like to see videos of people getting adjusted on the internet?

Like to show off your adjusting skills on videos in YouTube?

Well you may just be sabotaging your own practice if you do.

Here is Video Marketing Tip of the Week, Part 4 in our series
the Chiropractic Wake-Up Call.


This series is dedicated to helping you, chiropractors all over the
world, get yourself out of the low back pain box that has stifled
our growth and our market share forever.

Although marketers, coaches, and well intentioned gurus still
perpetuate going for the symptom based approach to marketing,
the end result is we never get to the next level of our ultimate goal
of being the health leaders of the world.  We hope that still is your

If it isn’t, and you think being a disc jockey is how you are going to
change the world, I hate to be the one to break the news, but
chiropractors are never going to be the main practitioners that
people go to when they have back pain.  In fact, the number of
people that go to see chiropractors with low back pain, regardless
of how many studies show how good we are, are so small that most
of our profession is just a few steps from closing their doors, and
most of you have spent a lot of time, money and energy to have a
mediocre income at best.

However, we hope you still have dreams and aspirations of making
a change in the world, which is why thousands and thousands of
chiropractors are receiving these videos .


If you missed the first three of the series go to:

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Watch this Video Marketing Tip and when you are done send it to
every chiropractor you know.  We need to make our message clear.

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  1. It is violent and that is why I used it because to the lay person that does not know what we do, it all appears like that.

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