Video Marketing Pearl of the Week – The VIP App-Twice the Wow, Twice the ROI

Any time you have an application like the VIP App, that gets in front of
your audience any time you want independent of email and click
through rates, you can already imagine the value to you.  Ka’Ching!

As Sy Syms said years ago, “An educated consumer is our best customer”.
Why?  Educated consumers regardless of what business you are in, i.e.
health-care, retail, the service industry – spend more, become lifelong
customers, clients and patients, and are more likely to refer their friends.
Nothing is better in educating the consumer than the VIP App.


Our latest addition to the VIP App is the Co-branding feature.  The
Co-branding feature allows you to actually rent space on your VIP App to
companies that want to reach the same demographic as you do.  You can
simply charge the company based on the number of eye balls your App
reaches.  Examples of this kind of relationship would be:

  1. If your VIP App goes to people that like Faith Based Messages, a
    book seller of Faith Based books would be a good co-brand.
  2. If you are a chiropractor a good co-brand could be a supplement
    company or an orthotic company
  3. If you are in the Real-Estate  industry a lawyer that does closings
    may be a good co-brand

Remember people always want ways to reach a new audience and they are
willing to pay for that ability.  Of course, the new co-brand feature allows
you to link the co-brand banner to any website as well as any e-commerce
site as well as any other type promotion.  This means if these companies
have an affiliate program you can link the co-brand banner with your
affiliate link so you get paid twice.  Once for them to advertise on your VIP
App, and second every time someone clicks on the co-brand and makes a

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Also don’t forget the VIP App streams all your Google+ Live HOA so you no
longer have to hope people show up for your Live Events.  Now you bring the
live event to them.

Also, ask about the Corporate Wellness VIP App!

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