Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-SEO in the World of Hummingbird

In this video, marketing expert Dr. Alan Weinstein shares a unique tool he uses to get his clients on Page 1 Google and dominate in their niche.

With all the changes Google is doing, and with the new Hummingbird upgrade, SEO has changed and when you read all the articles about it you can tell right away that most people don’t know much about what they are talking about, they are only guessing.

Here is what you need to know. Google is using Google+ and Hangouts on Air as the hub for everything search. They have also incorporated Voice so that search is more like asking questions then just typing in keywords. Knowing that most people are using their mobile device to do search, the voice input had to change how Google interprets what you are asking and gives you the best result.

Google really is more about keeping you on Google when you do a search rather than sending them to your website.

“By streamlining the algorithm so it improves complex search retrieval and improves data available via knowledge graph, Google is keeping users on their search results pages longer. This in turn, increases exposure to sponsored ads, which, in turn improves ad sales and revenue.
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Here is what it all comes down to. You can either spend all your time trying to figure out how to interpret the never ending onslaught of Google changes or you can become a SYSTEM Client and we will walk you through all of it. It’s up to you.

Read what one of our clients had to say,

“With Dr. Alan’s expertise on how to put all this together, I am now 1st and 2nd on Google for “San Antonio Chiropractor”. The System is seamless in covering all the bases you need to touch to score a victory in reaching new and existing patients. I know I still have a great deal more to learn, but I appreciate all the time and effort he has put into me so far.”



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Post by Dr. Alan Weinstein

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