Video Marketing Pearl of the Week – Best Holiday Video

In this Video Marketing Pearl of the Week we see an example of Brain Based Marketing at its best.  The kind of marketing you need to do because it relates to someone’s Sense of Self, the most effective form of
marketing there is.

Sense of Self marketing always takes precedence of all forms of marketing because people identify it as something that represents who they are.  The best brands in the world, Apple, Mercedes, Starbucks, Lexus, Harley Davidson, Montblanc, to name a few have used Sense of Self marketing to become some of the most recognized brands in the world.

Of course, the opposite of Brain Based Marketing is what I like to call Brainless Based Marketing.  It is the marketing that most people use.  It is the kind of marketing that appeals to one’s Sense of Reward.  It is the easiest to use and rather than build brands it destroys them.  Unfortunately, it is the kind of marketing that most of you use.  Discounts, give-a-ways, sales, and leading with price are examples of Sense of Reward Marketing.

Ask yourself if what you are selling deserves to be marketed to one’s Sense of Self or is it so worthless that the only way to market it is to sell it like one would sell day old bread?

The reason we created the System was to make what you do so valuable that people would not want to live without it.  Doesn’t that appeal to your Sense of Self?


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