Video Marketing – Is the Price Right?

Regardless of what business you are in, there is always a tendency for marketers to want to lead with price.  In your mind you are thinking what a great deal I am offering.  No one is going to be able to resist this offer it is so good.

Here’s the problem.  Since you know the value of your services, since you know the great results you get, your mind assumes that your potential patients, clients and customers also know the value of what you are offering.  The problem is they usually don’t.

Now your potential client, patient, or customer gets your promotion and if the first thing they see is price they think immediately you are trying to sell them something.  They don’t see the value that is in it for them.  They just think you want their money.  How many times has this happend to you?  DELETE!

Instead use the approach of engaging the client, patient, or customer first by telling them what is in it for them.  Let them see the positive effect it will have on their life, their relationships, and their sense of self so it becomes all about them.  When it is all about them, your services become something they need.  When they realize they have the need,  then money is no object, no barrier to entry and you just have to fulfill their need.

Marketing is about creating value, not just about having a listing on Google or a page in the Social Networks.  Yes, you need that also, but ultimately how you differentiate yourself in creating value for your patients and clients is what builds a strong business.

What about all the people in your community that don’t even know what it is you do or the value it is for them.  Do you think those people will be typing chiropractor or wellness expert or Metabolic Typing® Advisor into Google or Yahoo or Bing? Don’t they deserve to know about what you do?

Just remember, someone is always going to figure out how to get a listing higher up on Google Places than you, or how to get more results in an internet search than you, but only you can create the value you offer the community by going into the community with the right marketing tools, follow-up and lead generation.  That is why we created The SYSTEM to help you do that.

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