Video Follow-up Marketing for HealthCare Practitioners

No matter how many lectures, screenings, teleseminars and interviews you do, without a good follow-up program you are throwing away good patients.  Follow-up is the key!  The Twelve Ways is all about lead generation and follow-up.  No matter how many people come to your event if you do not have an automated follow-up program your event was ineffective.

What is the best follow-up to use?  Video backed up with audio!  Ever notice that every “marketing guru” is using video to tell you about their teleseminar or marketing program?  There is a reason.  People want to watch video.

52% of Internet traffic is now video …
70% of web surfers watch video online …
and the average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes a day watching videos.

You need the Twelve Ways Program. A marketing program for chiropractors and other healthcare practitioners where we do all the heavy lifting for you. We provide the content, we put it on your site for you, we FOLLOW through so you don’t have to. The Twelve Ways Program. Bringing you into the 21st Century!

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