Using Testimonials

Using patient testimonials in all of your marketing materials is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. The reason why testimonials are so important and valuable in marketing is that prospects are much more likely to believe a customer testimonial that praises your product or service then they are to believe slick sales text written by you.

The best way to gather testimonials is to make the process as easy as possible.  We use a simple program called Audiogenerator.  Here is the link we give to our clients to leave us a testimonial. Go ahead and click and give it a try.

If you want to find out about using this service for your practice then click here and find out more about it.

Check out a few here and then go to our website and check out a whole bunch at!


The Interview for the 12 Ways program was very easy. The hardest part was just to come up with a topic to talk about. Dr. Alan did most of the work and created a very easy to follow format. I feel it is a great addition to creating creditability for current and prospective patients. The finished CD and case look very professional.

Dr. Alan is a marketing genius. I did an interview and he made me look like a superstar. Dr. Alan was very professional and guided me through the interview very well. He also packaged the interview with a press release, cool graphic for the site and DVD case. I added the interview package on my site and it was an instant hit. I look forward to working more with Dr. Alan.

Initially I kept putting the interview off, but thanks to Dr. Alan the interview process was easy and fun. I can not wait to do another interview. I posted my interview on my website and I have had a great response from my patients. And I can use it as a referral tool as well.