Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-The Money Shot

Video Marketing Pearl

In this video Marketing Pearl of the Week brain based marketing expert, Dr. Alan Weinstein shows you simple ways that your VIP mobile Apps will generate money for you month after month after month.



The VIP app, the app you need, the features you want. Today we’re going to look at co-branding, or what I call The Money Shot. If money has ever been a reason for you not to have your own mobile apps, this video in a few short minutes is going to dispel that myth. Now realize that if you do this currently and use the co-branding feature, the apps that you invest in will generate money month after month after month, and there’s many, many ways to generate revenue. We’re just going to take a look. That’s how simple it is.

First thing what want to do is we click on the VIP App icon on the real estate that you own on the iPhone, the iPad, the Samsung devices, and the desktop apps. Once you do that, you’re going to see the VIP App co-branding feature. Now realize that all the co-brands on the VIP App are clickable links that people click on to take them wherever you want them to go. Co-branding feature you’re looking at right now is literally the calendar link that I use on my app. Anyone that has a business that requires people to set up an appointment, which should be everyone that’s watching this, you want to have a link from your co-brand that you’re looking at now to your calendar. I made a video about this that you can see in the upper left corner that you’re looking at now. If you haven’t watched that video, you can go ahead and click that now and go watch it.

Let’s take a moment and look at all the other ways that you can co-brand your VIP App that will generate revenue. First, if you do any type of affiliate marketing where someone pays you a commission to market that product for them, and most of you see that all the time, you could literally build their affiliate link right into your VIP App so that when people click on that link, your unique affiliate number is registered so every time they buy something you get your commission. Much better than email because people don’t open emails.

The next one is if you belong to a church or a synagogue and you want to raise money for that church or synagogue, you could literally build a co-brand right into your VIP App to get people to donate to your church. Very, very simple to do. Next, if you have your own e-store, you could literally do a video inside the app talking to them about a product that you sell, and put a link as the co-brand that takes them right to your e-store to buy that product.

How about selling advertising on your apps? Could you imagine if you have a few thousand people that downloaded your app and you go to a store like Whole Foods and you tell them that you’re in the health business, and that you have thousands of people that open up your apps every day? Whole Foods will be one of the businesses that will literally pay you to get in front of your captured audience. How about using a text service like I do where you could put text mobile or any other word that you choose, and the actual phone number that people can text to, and then you could capture their name and email into your funnel? That one you’re seeing now, text mobile to 731-678-106, is actually working. You could test that right now and get my PDF on mobile marketing.

How about if you have a special program and you work with children? You could have people click on your co-brand and take them somewhere where they could join a membership site to literally learn more about raising healthy children. How about if you do hangouts or webinars? You could build a co-brand, put that right in your app. When people click on that, you could literally charge for them to come to your event. How about if you do something like dinner with the doc? If you have a problem with getting people to attend your events, now you could build your co-brand right into your VIP Apps where people can click and register for your dinner with the doc.

As you could see, there’s an unlimited number of opportunities that you could ring the cash register with with your co-brand. The VIP App, the app you need, the features you want. Co-branding is the money shot. If you’ve hesitated in getting your own apps because of money, realize this: the money that you could generate month in and month out with the VIP App will pay for your investment hundreds of times over.

What technology are your patients, customers, and clients using? Mobile. Nothing has more credibility than saying to your patients, customers, and clients, “Go to the App Store and download my mobile app.” Let’s face it, every business you know has a mobile app except yours. What are you waiting for? We’ve done it for Alex Mandossian and literally dozens and dozens and dozens of other people in the healthcare industry and the marketing industry, and even in the publication industry for magazines. Make sure you click on the two links that you see right in front of you. One will allow you to download the e-book I wrote on mobile marketing. That’s a present for you. The other one, in case you’ve already downloaded that e-book, will take you to what the next step is. Click on either link. I look fwd to building you the apps for your business you just have to have.

The VIP App

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