Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-Google Your New Patient Machine

In this video, brian based marketing expert, Dr. Alan Weinstein shares with you how simple it is to be on the top of Google’s search results whether you are a Chiropractor, a Metabolic Typing Advisor or a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist.

As you know, the last few weeks I’ve been sharing with you what your website should look like and how to get Google to show it to people. If you listened as SYSTEM client Dr. Fred Carbone did, to what I shared with you, you would have said what he said. “Made my webpage more mobile friendly and wow, did we get a bunch of new patient calls last week. I think I beat the other Chiro’s off the blocks when Google made the last rankings updates.” Pretty cool, right? If you haven’t watched those, I’ll put the links in the description below and you can even click on the images in this video to watch them.


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