Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-The Most FAQ on the Internet

Video Marketing Pearl

In this Video Marketing Pearl of the Week, communication expert, Dr. Alan Weinstein talks about the most FAQ on the internet. How do you get more people to engage with your message and your content? In regards to email this is called Open Rate. However, most people do not understand how Open Rate really works.

What you need to understand is that everyone has a 100% Open Rate the first month someone adds themselves to your list. It is what happens after that first month that you need to understand and the best way to keep the communication channels open is with a very simple App called the VIP App.

To learn more about the VIP app and how you can use it with your live Google+ Hangouts, go to:

It’s that simple, the power of a webinar combined with increasing your SEO and getting more patients than you thought possible.

If you want to get noticed, if you want to dominate in your niche you need to be branded not only as the most credible in your niche but also differentiate yourself by having things people want that no one else has.

Just remember if you ever asked the most common FAQ on the internet, “How do you get more people to engage with your message and your content?” You need to go to:


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