Video Power

Video is the new power player in marketing (has been for a while thanks to YouTube).  Think of it yourself.  If you go to a website (forget how hard it is to get people to your website, which we will address in another post in the future), what is the first thing that catches your eye?   Video!  We are simply programmed to watch TV and video is an extension of that.  This is not to say that audio is dead.  Audio still plays a role, but an opening video can really get your message across and direct people to take action.  Action in the form of showing them where your sign-up form is or even to point something out on your website you want them to see.

I always find it interesting that there are marketing gurus telling you how to put audio on your site, but their promotional pieces to get you to their teleseminars and webinars all contain video.  If audio is so great why are they using mostly video?

Of course audio has great value and if you give your audience something they want and need like our Health and Lifestyle Tips, or our great HealthNews Show; delivered to them rather than them having to come to get it, you can still get your name and brand in front of your audience regularly.

How can you tell that video is going to get even bigger?  Try to register a domain name that ends in dot TV.  Even at Go Daddy these domains run close to $40.00 a pop.  Regular domains are around $10.00.

Take a look at what Paul Colligan said about YouTube on his blog recently. YouTube is everywhere and going more places and you need to get your videos up there and everywhere else.

Why did we create the Marketing Pearl of the Week TV site?  Simple! There is no better way to get your message out there. It is only a matter of time before your website is going to have to look like this.  It is then that your patients, your clients and your customers are going to want to come to your site to watch what you want them to see.  Just keep them short and to the point and most of all be consistent.

Please feel free to comment.  Oh by the way I’m going to create this same message in a video.  Let’s see which one attracts more people.

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