Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-YouTube Channel Revealed & Other Goodies

As I said I wanted to give you these valuable tools!  Believe it or not these simple tools will easily add $10,000.00 a month to your bottom line.

Some of the links you can just load the PDF and others you can click and watch a video.

OK here are the goodies.

A YouTube video on how to set up the hidden Channel Trailer Page.  There is only sound in the last minute!

The Ultimate Business Card

15 Tips for Better Google Hangouts

Alex Mandossian’s Best Interview Tips

The Ultimate Questions to get Patients and Clients to Sing your Praises

33 Ways to Use Google Live Hangouts

The above tools are literally worth over $10,000.00 a month to your business if you use them.  As I said you don’t have to buy anything.

So what can you do for me? I know you thought there was a catch, but there isn’t.  You already got the goods so you don’t have to do anything if you don’t want. I’m hoping you will do me a favor though.

I’m involved in a contest, a clicking contest.  I would appreciate you helping me win the clicking contest by clicking here:

When you get to the page you will be granted access to Eben Pagan’s videos.  Eben’s videos will benefit you immensely as he is probably the smartest marketing guy on the planet now. Remember you do not have to buy anything.   In fact, I don’t make any money whether you do or don’t.  I just want to win the contest by getting clicks.  There is no catch here just click!

Please do that now!

This is a clicking contest!

Thanks whether you clicked or not.

Dr. Alan