Marketing Tip of the Week- Dr. Google Will See You Now

Do your patients and potential patients see you or
Dr. Google as the health expert in your community?

Do we really want any jerk giving advice to a
14-year-old. No, of course not. But guess what? It’s

From Aisle7

That is the exact question we asked ourselves before
we decided to put together our hugely successful
Content Explorer with over 9200 well researched
and referenced articles you can use for your blog,
Facebook and newsletter to brand you as the health
leader in your community and in your local space on
the internet.

Up until now we focused on telling you how easy it
is to take any of these great articles and get them out
to your database and the social networks in just 30
minutes a week while getting ranked in the search
engines and building relationships on sites like

And don’t forget whether Google Places has been
replaced with Google+ Local or not, it is great content
that will get you ranked.  In fact, ask any of the top
marketers that have great programs you may be using
how important great content is.

Nothing is more important and unless you plan to
write everything yourself or hire someone that you
have to first find on the internet, there is no better
content than what we give you.

There are other reasons you need this great content
The problem is there is just so much BAD (and
dangerous) information available. And it is way too
easy to access.

Or, how about the patient that comes in who have
Googled their symptoms and have come away convinced
they should tell you how to treat them.

Nothing is more annoying or dangerous then having
to deal with a patient that thinks they know more than
you because they did a Google search.

As Health and Wellness content providers, this should
scare us.  Bad information leads to bad decisions, which
leads to unhappy patients or worse lost patients because
they look some place else other than you for information.

Timing and Context
But, here’s the good news: You can override bad
decisions formed from questionable sources by
providing top-notch, unbiased content in your blog,
your website, your newsletter and the Social Media
networks.  And, trust us, information placed in
context of a person deciding if they want to trust
you for their care will beat Dr. Google every time.

For  Non-SYSTEM Clients Only – This is the last
month to lock-in to our over 9200 articles and all the
new articles we write for you each month at the old
price.  We have held our prices down for 5 years now
and we can no longer do that.  If your plan is to be
relative in the health world we suggest you contact us
to schedule a one on one call to find out which of our
packages fit in with your marketing goals.*

Dr. Steve and Dr. Alan

P.S. If you missed the quick videos I made on how
simple all this content is to use,  click on any of the
links below.

*Please do not email us just to ask the price.  Email us
to set up a one on one call.  Every business has special
needs and unlike most other marketers in the profession
that try to sell everyone the same thing, we want to
develop clients that succeed because they have a
SYSTEM that matches their needs.



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