You No Longer Have A Choice

“The nation lost 85,000 jobs from the economy in December, the Labor Department reported Friday, as hopes for a vigorous recovery ran headlong into the prospect that paychecks could remain painfully scarce into next year.”  NY Times 01/09//10

The last two years have been really tough for most practitioners.  People have made changes not only in what they spend their money on but also what they don’t spend their money on. If your plan to build and maintain your practice in 2010 is dependent on a recovery in the economy, Friday’s Jobs Report may have just ruined your party.

If you need a plan this year that is not totally tied to a financial recovery, you need to watch this video.

If you don’t have a proven system of Follow-Up to grow your practice, you need to watch this video.

If you have ever received a video from any of the great marketers in our profession,  you need to watch this video.

Hundreds and hundreds of people have signed up for this Webinar and if your not one of them, you need to watch this video.

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