Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-The VIP App Calendar Link

In this video marketing pearl of the week, App designer and Brain Based Marketing Expert, Dr. Alan Weinstein demonstrates how simple it is to add a calendar link inside the VIP App so people can use your App to set-up appointments with you.

Whether you are a doctor, a fitness trainer, a nutritionist or an internet marketer, people love to have your App so they can schedule a time to meet with you and become a client, customer or patient.

The truth has changed…

Email is consistently decaying with open rates dwindling to under 10%.

I’m concerned because every 100,000 people who receive an email from me, at best, 15% open and read and I lose 85% of my subscribers attention.

Other marketers report 5% open rates which means 95% of their list do NOT even read the email.

“How Big Is Your Email List?” is no longer a valid or intelligent question to ask a potential JV partner.

“What’s Your ‘Open’ Rate?” is the better question.

What’s the solution?

There are two solutions:
1) Mobile and 2) Apps

Learn more about your own Apps for your business


The VIP App

More than ever, it’s time to embrace technology. And look at how we can communicate with our audience from a completely different perspective. I have something brand new to introduce to you. And I’m confident it will absolutely blow you away.

I’m going to show you how you can effectively use “Google Hangouts On Air” to stay in touch with your tribe, and get an attendance rate of at least 83% to show up. And even that is being conservative once you understand how this works.

Just imagine getting a minimum of 83% attendance rates. And on a consistent basis as well. These days those sort of numbers are normally completely unheard of.

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