Video Marketing Tip of the Week – Video Blogging

In this Video Marketing Tip of the Week we look at the importance of using video for your blogs.  Every marketer you know uses video, and if they don’t they probably are not very effective at building their business let alone yours.

Using Youtube videos for your blog is the perfect way to dominate the search engines and double your new patient flow.

Here are the 7 Keys you need to create Video Blogs.

1.  Tell them the location keywords you use and who you are.

2.  Tell them where the content came from and that it is available on your Website and Facebook.

3.  Tell them what the article is about and give them a link to the article.

4.  Give them your phone number and offer the ability to engage with you.

5.  Tell them how you can help them using your skills.

6.  Get them to Like your FaceBook page, subscribe to your YouTube channel, leave your name and email.

7.  Close by telling them your keyword location, who you are and the value you are bringing them.

So now we need to look at the two biggest obstacles to doing this.  Content and training.  With the SYSTEM we give you both.

Here are just some of the 9200 articles we give you, with an additional 12 new ones each month to brand you as a source of everything health.  The we train you how to do it step by step.

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Current hot topics 

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Allergy Products

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Grilled Rack of Asparagus

Asparagus with Lime Aioli, Egg adn Green Onion

As a SYSTEM client, we give our healthcare providers all the content they could possibly handle. Content on chiropractic, diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, wellness, you name it we deliver it.

If you want to get noticed, if you want to dominate in your niche you need to be branded not only as the most credible in your niche but also differentiate yourself by having things people want that no one else has.


To learn more about how you can get the solution right for your business, take advantage of the Content Explorer with 9200 articles for SEO, your Blog, Facebook, the 10 minute Newsletter, and to ramp up your first impression, plus get all images you need for Pinterest, and drive people to where you want them to go and convert more people into patients, visit us at:

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Post by Dr. Alan Weinstein

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