Video Marketing Tip of the Week-Corporate Wellness

If you want to get in the Corporate Wellness game you need to know one thing.

Some insurance carriers require a certain percentage of employees participate in a wellness program in order to allow a discount in the company’s healthcare insurance premium.

Most people know this is the greatest challenge of creating a Corporate Wellness Program.

Corporations want to institute Wellness Programs for a number of reasons.   Topping the list is a way to lower the cost of insurance premiums they pay.  For some companies, insurance premiums cost more than it costs to produce the goods they sell.  They also know that healthier employees will put in fewer claims, miss less days from work and be more productive.  You can easily see what all these reasons have in common.  The need to cut down their costs.

The problem is that companies also know that the toughest thing for any Corporate Wellness Program to accomplish is engaging all the employees because then and only then does the company get to realize the savings they are intending to achieve by starting a Corporate Wellness Program in the first place.

Regardless of what most people think, just about all Corporate Wellness Programs are the same and there are tons of competitors trying to get into these corporations.  For most healthcare providers this is the greatest challenge-getting into the corporations in the first place.   Why is it so difficult?  Simple. There are big players in the space that have lots of research and stats, and lots of resources in people, time and money to sell their programs to these corporations.

However, what no one has is a way to engage all the employees.   That is until now.  The greatest sales tool anyone in the Corporate Wellness game can have, is the ability to engage all the employees, because whomever has the ability has the, Keys to the Castle.”

In this Video Marketing Tip of the Week we show you exactly the tools you need to engage all their employees.  Welcome to the Cross Platform Widget.


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