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Steve Jobs was one of the greatest marketers in the world.  At a time when everyone in the computer business was selling RAM, the type of processor and the size of your hard drive.  Steve Jobs was selling how we can bring value to people and change the world.  That is how you should look at the content you deliver.

Will it bring value to people’s lives?  Will it help change the world.

Every marketing program basically has the same tools and technology.  A website that is hard to get people to visit and even harder to get them to come back, an email program that only about 10% to 15% will open, auto-responders that are email dependent, and a blog.  We can consider those the technology.  These are not where the value in people’s lives are.  Where the value is, is in the content we deliver through these technologies.

That is why we have focused on content.  Content is King!  This is why we have brought our clients the new Content Explorer with over 9,000 articles and growing every week.

I read somewhere the following in regards to content:

* You need to provide content that’s relevant to your overall subject matter.
* You need to provide fresh quality content on a regular basis.
* You need to provide content that appeals to your target audience.
* You need to provide content that’s guaranteed to impress both your visitors AND the all-powerful search engines.
* You need to provide an endless supply of relevant quality content.

In order to accomplish that, you’ll have to invest countless hours – day after day, week after week, month after month.  And considering everything else you have to do, most people don’t have the time to deliver valuable content on a consistent ongoing basis.

We have solved the problems for you with the Content Explorer.

Don’t you want to be bringing value to people’s lives?


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