Video Marketing Tip of the Week-Common Sense

If you are a chiropractor, or a Metabolic Typing® Advisor or any type of health-care provider you need to realize that your marketing has to be a little different than someone that is only an internet marketer or a bricks and mortar retailer.  Why?  Because being in the service business (serving humanity) requires a very different approach and one that requires common sense.

Think about yourself.  Where would you first look for a doctor that you wanted to trust the health and well-being of your family?  Would you depend on the Yellow pages, or  an internet search or Facebook or Google?  Chances are you would look to a friend or family member for a referral first.  Sure, you then might look them up to find out more about them using the internet, but most people rely on trusted individuals for referrals.

Common sense dictates then, you need to focus your marketing on building relationships with people by getting into your community and building trust and confidence.  Then combine that with your internet presence and you will be a force to reckon with.

Be careful not to lose your focus.  You are in the people business because you have chosen to dedicate yourself to helping people.  Do not let so called marketing experts let you forget what it is you do.  Your marketing program should be a combination of common sense community based outreach, education and relationship building backed up with your internet presence.

We built The SYSTEM to do just that.  Give you the tools to go out and get in front of the people in your community so that you can build the type of relationships that make people want to refer their friends and family to you.

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