Video Marketing Tip of the Week-100% Open Rate

Is it really possible to get a 100% Open Rate?

First what is an Open rate?

An open rate is the number of patients and clients that open your emails when you send them.  At one time it was all about delivery rate, making sure you can get a message you want into their inbox.  At that time it was pretty easy to do and most email programs claimed a 99.9% delivery rate.  Of course now, you only get a 99.9% delivery if it doesn’t go to Spam or Junk, or their internet service provider doesn’t flat out block it.

Of course, in the old days of “You’ve Got Mail” people were pretty happy just to get email, and read just about everything that they received.   Ah, the Good Ole Days!

Now however, everyone’s overwhelmed by email and Open rates have dropped to about 12%.  That means that 88 out of every 100 people never even open your emails and if there is a link to click in that email only about 2.8% will ever click on it.

What does that mean?  It means that if the key to building your practice is educating your patients as to what you do; and it is, if the key to Lifelong patients that refer are educating your patients; and it is, than you had better find a way to engage all of your patients rather than 12% of them.

With the advent of Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a boatload of others, people thought they solved the challenges of email and now had a new way to engage and educate their patients and potential patients.  Unfortunately, due to the shear number of people competing to reach these same people, Social Media sites have had little to no effect on engagement.  In fact, the only people that claim these are viable tools to increase your business are people that make their living convincing you these are viable tools. Sounds like a slight conflict of interest.

So where does this leave you?

It leaves you the same place it leaves everyone else vying for an audience.  Needing to find a solution, not to replace email, because you still have to use it, but something in addition to email that works better and engages everyone without fail.

The best place to look is at others whose business also depends on engagement with their audience that has already solved the problem.  I’m not talking about someone that has 500 or 1000 or even a couple of thousand clients they need to engage.  I’m talking about someone whose business generates millions of dollars each month and can’t afford not to engage his clients, Alex Mandossian.

You can use the same App as Alex branded for you.

You can use the same App as Alex branded for you.

Alex is one of not the most successful marketers on the planet and Alex knew that the only way to engage his audience 100% is to use an App.  Why an App?  Because apps give you options email can’t.  The ability to send video, audio, images, text messages, links, blog feeds, you name it right inside the App. The other reason is that people simply love Apps and they download 31 million a day.  Wow!  Makes sense if an App is the answer for Alex it should be the answer for you.

The ideal App for Alex turned out to be the one we built, the VIP App.  This is the same App you that you can get for your business (

So which App is right for your business?  That depends on you and your business.  What we would suggest is make a list of the features that you need, look around and see what is the most cost effective one for you.  You could build your own App, but I can tell you from experience that building one from the ground up that does all the things ours does that Alex uses will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and about 4 years of work that is still in progress (Apps have to always be upgraded to keep up with different operating systems etc.)

Realize that engaging 100% of your audience is such a powerful way to build your business and revenue, that your first choice should be the features not the price.  Even one as sophisticated as ours only costs you about $20.00 a month so the cost of entry is basically nothing.

Here is a list of what the App you choose should be able to do:

  • Brand your business
  • Customizeable artwork
  • Easily accessible contact information including email, telephone and web access
  • Self-containted to play video and audio in the App
  • Ability to deliver documents and links
  • Ability to be installed on any operating system
  • Search access to your website
  • Unlimited ability to import RSS feeds from your blogs
  • Ability to schedule your posts up to a year in advance
  • Ability for people to contact you right in the App without opening their email or a browser
  • You control when the end user gets it and how often
  • Easy to upload standard content like YouTube and Mp3s
  • Has great content available so you don’t have to create your own
  • Co-brandable so you can monetize it
  • Engages100 % of those that have it
  • Ability to deliver Live events
  • Has a huge WOW Factor


Take a look at what you are currently using to communicate with your audience.  Look at your Open Rates and Click through rates.  See how many people Like or comment on your Posts on the Social Networks.  If you have a business that depends on engaging your audience; and everyone does, and you are not engaging all of your patients and potential patients, consider using technology.  Consider using an App.

If you want to know more about marketing of your practice, and using video to dominate in your area, then you need to find out more about using video to market your practice. You need the SYSTEM!


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