Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-Got Milk!

With a never ending list of email marketers vying for your business everyday, what and whom do you pay attention to?  Is it just the content?  Do you just automatically delete everything and no longer bother to read listen or watch what they are sending you?  Do you feel enough is enough?

Regardless of how you feel about the constant barrage of things in your inbox, it is always important to pay attention not only to the content but also how it is delivered.  Pay attention to:

  • How often,
  • What days,
  • Morning or evening,
  • Whether it is text, audio, or video,
  • Are they sending HTML or plain text.
  • Are there links for you to click on and if so where do you wind up.

Just remember that no matter your personal preferences, marketing is an art and the great marketers do lots of research about deliverability that you need to learn from and duplicate.

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