Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-Get A Facelift

In this video marketing pearl of the week, we look at the importance of making sure your audience sees you as you want to be seen. In other words, the right credibility and image to get you the patients and clients (conversions) you want.  I can’t tell you how many times people think the public perceives them one way when in fact the public sees them as something totally different.

So the first thing you have to establish is how the public sees you.  Then decide if it is the image you want.  Lastly, if it is not, change it.  Changing it is not that difficult.

Make a list of what determines credibility in people’s minds.

  1. People who are interviewed
  2. People who have written books
  3. People who lecture
  4. People that are a source of information people can come to for help

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