Video Marketing Pearl of the Week – Facebook has BROKEN

Not only is Facebook broken but isn’t it a real pain in the butt to keep up with the constant nonsense changes they make when all you want to do is to use it to build your business by getting people to Like, Share and Comment on your posts.  Even Matt Loop did a blog post about the tricks they play.

But watch out Facebook because we just took it to the next level.  With videos being the most liked and shared posts on Facebook we just broken the code to get people to give you their email, share your videos and take them to your website or anywhere you want then to go.  Finally we beat Facebook at their own game.

In the video above you can only see the links we put in for Youtube, the Subscribe and the Click to Learn More links, but if you go to the link below you will see how it looks on Facebook.  Get ready to be amazed.

Of course we give this new tool to all our SYSTEM clients at no cost.

Having a marketing system like the SYSTEM on your team is much more than just internet marketing. It is about branding yourself as the best in your niche.


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