Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-Excuses

Everyone makes excuses and there are a million of them.  I’m too short.  I’m too tall.  I’m too young.  I’m too old.  The economy is bad.  I don’t have time. On and on the excuses keep coming.  What people do not realize is that not only do they make up excuses for themselves, but they make excuses for their potential patients, clients and customers.  This is the most serious type of excuse because is stops you from building your business.

In this Video Marketing Pearl of the Week, we look at the kind of excuses you give your potential clients that destroys the growth of your business.

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  1. Hi Dr. Al,

    Great advice in this weeks post. So very true. I will use this immediately!
    Thanks for all the work you put into these tips for us. I hope I am in a position to aquire “The System” into my practice by the start of next year.

    Keep ’em coming my friend!

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