Video Marketing Capturing Leads

Capturing leads and having a lead generating SYSTEM, is something you need to learn. All the great marketers use it.  Not only in the healthcare profession, but in all internet and non-internet marketing. Not only when you are on line, or when they are at your website, but you also want to capture the lead when you are speaking to them at a lecture or a screening or a community event. Alex Mandossian, Ryan Deiss, Paul Colligan, Robert Grant, Mike Koenigs, David Jackson, Matthew Loop, my partner Dr. Steve, and even yours truly, Dr. Alan, we all do this.

Think about this!

  1. Every single coach in the chiropractic and healthcare profession built their business by getting leads
  2. Every management company in the profession built their business by getting leads
  3. Every marketing company built their business by getting leads
  4. Every organization, you belong to including your state association, built their membership by getting leads
  5. Every seminar you have ever received a promotion to attend was the result of you being a lead
  6. Every company you ever bought a piece of equipment from for your office built their business by getting leads
  7. Every lecturer at every conference is there to get leads
  8. Every motivational speaker you ever heard was there to get leads
  9. Every sales rep at every convention or seminar you have attended is there to get leads
  10. Every company that you do business with right now from your vitamin supplier to the companies you pay to build your websites or write your newsletters built their business by getting leads
  11. Dr. Joseph Mercola built one of the most successful online retail operations using health related information to develop leads
  12. You are reading this because you were a lead

The next time you receive an email regardless who it is from, pay attention not just to what they say, but the technique they use. Their lead generating technique. Then keep an eye on how many follow-ups you get before you get the sales pitch. I don’t say sales pitch negatively. I say it because it is what you should expect, and better yet how you should do it.

Here is our sales pitch:

You need an automated follow-up SYSTEM if you want to really finally get off the new patient Merry-Go-Round. Find out about the SYSTEM that has changed the playing field. To learn how you can get a complete automated SYSTEM to convert leads into actual patients at about the cost of a cup of coffee a day, click here.

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Dr. Alan


  1. Yes, exactly and that is the point. We are saying that is exactly what you need to be doing. However, the next steps the follow-up is the key.

  2. Hi Dr. Alan-
    Watched your Capturing Leads video and clicked above link which took me to a site to replay a video of The System. How do I view it-how do I learn more about The System?

  3. What browser are you using? I would clean out your cache and remove any temporary files. Are you getting an error message or are you trying to download the file or what? If you still are having a problem give me a call tomorrow. 413-232-3219 I’m EST

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