Video Maketing Tip of the Week – All the Chiropractic Content you Want

In this Video Markting Tip of the Week we announce all the new content we have added for chiropractors that use the SYSTEM. Content helps you educate your patients and brand yourself as the leader in your community as the Source of Everything Health.  Remember that the more educated your patients are the more likely they will use all your services, refer others, and become lifelong patients.

We have content for Chiropractors, Metabolic Typing® Advisors and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionists.

Here is a list of all the articles you could have used this past month if you were a SYSTEM client.

Chiropractic Articles:

Improvements In Autism After Chiropractic Care

Two Year-Old With Asthma, Digestive Problems And Frequent Colds Responds Positively To Chiropractic Care

Patient With Depression Reports Quality Of Life Improvement After Chiropractic Care

Case Of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Responds To Chiropractic Care

Immediate Neurological Improvement After Chiropractic Adjustment

Quality Of Life, Sleep & Attention Improve In Patient With Attention Deficit Disorder After Chiropractic Care

Patient with Parkinson’s Improves After Chiropractic Care

Plus too many to list here…

Reference Library 

 Multivitamins May Protect Men Against Cancer Green Tea for a Healthier Heart and Less Inflammation Nutrition for Stroke Prevention Organic Broccoli Packs a Nutritional Punch

 For Beating Hypertension, Yogurt May Be Next Superfood

 Coenzyme Q10 May Ease Diabetes-Related Nerve Damage

 Cinnamon: A Spicy Way to Control Blood Sugar

 Don’t Count Vitamin D as a Cold Remedy

 Olive Oil for Bone Health?

 Green Coffee Extract Found to Help with Weight Loss

 Vitamin D: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

 Health Researchers Gather to Talk about Tea

Reference Library 

Herbal Remedy: Green Coffee Extract


Enhance Your Energy

Table of Contents Pages 

Sexual Health & Well-Being

Enjoy Our Guilt-Free Comfort Foods

Recipe Callout (for Recipe facing) 

Turkey-Vegetable Hash Brown Quiche

Big Fat Greek Salad

Chai Concentrate

Classic Beef Ribeye Roast with Herb Shallot Sauce

New Callouts & Images

 Antioxidant Resveratrol for Better Blood Sugar Control

 Brush Your Teeth for Heart Health

 Can Vitamin D Deflect Diabetes?

 Cinnamon: A Spicy Way to Control Blood Sugar

 Exercise: Good Medicine for Matters of the Heart

 Managing Diabetes? Nuts Provide Health-Promoting Fats

Buying Guides 

 Blood Pressure Monitors

 Diabetes Care

 Lancet & Sharps Container

 Pedometer Buying Guide


 Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

 Calories Burned Calculator

 Target Heart Rate Calculator


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