The Relationship Begins

Did you know there is a difference between an EVENT and a “SYSTEM”? An EVENT such as a lecture, a screening, a Community Wellness Day gets you in front of people and sometimes lots of people.  A “SYSTEM” converts them into patients.

Think about this. Why do you do an EVENT? You do an EVENT so you can get in front of lots of people, build your exposure and credibility and get new patients. The problem as you know is the 90/10 rule. Do you want to spend all that time, money and energy to leave 90% of the people that show up on the table? No, of course not.

So what choice does that leave you? There is no choice. Either you have a “SYSTEM” that automatically helps you convert those people or you find yourself doing event after event after event, never getting off the new patient Merry-Go_Round. Is that what you want to do?

Remember, for 80% of those people that come to your event, it will take 7 communications before they will even consider doing business with you.  Seven! If you don’t have The “SYSTEM” that means you will have to come up with 7 ways to get in front of them again. Most of you have none. A few, one or two. If you are really on top of your game and have really trained your staff, three ways. See the problem?

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