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In this video Marketing Pearl of the Week brain based marketing expert, Dr. Alan Weinstein shows you why Cost of Patient Acquisition is the most important metric to use when planning for marketing.

Do you know the number one question the Sharks ask the guests on Shark Tank before they will invest?

Ready, here it is. What is the cost of acquisition of a new customer. In our case a new patient?

Do you know that answer? I hope so because in Shark Tank most people don’t know the answer and when they don’t know the answer they don’t get the money.

Why would you want to know that answer?

Simple, it is the only metric you can use to determine if what you are doing to get new patients is cost effective.

Most of you use the number of new patients as the main metric and that is pretty useless.

So here’s the real question.

What if you can bring in the same 10 patients for a total of only $150.00 rather than $1,135.00. Thats only $15.00 per patient acquisition instead of $113.50. Thats less than 3% cost of acquisition compared to 25%. That would put almost another $1,000.00 in your pocket.

What if you can bring in the same 10 patients for only $50.00 total? Thats only $5.00 per patient acquisition instead of $113.50 or less than a 1% cost of acquisition.

You see knowing the cost of acquisition gives you a metric you can really sink your teeth into where the number of new patients is a pretty useless metric.

In the course of the next few weeks I’m going to show you proven ways that you can get your cost of patient acquisition down below 5% and its pretty simple to do.

In fact, next time I’m going to give you a spreadsheet you can use to figure out your cost of acquisition.

I’m Dr. Alan and I’ll look forward to helping you make 2016 your best year ever.



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