Video Marketing Fact 85

Fact: 85% of you, no matter how excited you get about any and everything you learn to build your practice, are not going to use it. You already have spent more money on things you never instituted to fill a lifetime. Whether this is because of time, desire, lack of technical know how, lack of confidence, inability to be the person that sold it to you, or whatever, 85% of you are not going to put it into action.

This is not a criticism of you, it is the reality of everything you already have to do.

Fact: 85% of you regardless of how many teleseminars you listen to, no matter how many interviews of thought leaders you listen to, no matter how many Power Point Presentations or sales letters you buy from someone you think is successful, it will not change your practice.

Why is that?

It is simple! What you are missing is not more work for you. It is not what someone else did to build their practice. What you are missing is an automated follow up system that does the work for you. The “SYSTEM”.

Fact: Every successful marketer, whether they are teaching you to use the Social networks, use Teleseminars, put audio on your website, or how to do Wellness Days, all have something in common, a follow-up system that converts leads into clients.

You are one step away from knowing everything you need to know to fully automate a follow up system for your practice, The “SYSTEM”.

Fact: It takes on average 7 follow-ups to convert a lead into a patient, client or customer. Seven! Most of you don’t use 7, and in fact, most use none at all.

Fact: If you don’t have The “SYSTEM” to build your practice 85% of you are going to spend your entire career struggling to stay in the game.



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