Facebook Tip of the Week-Get Fans Everywhere

Facebook is a fantastic advertising medium for small businesses although it certainly has it’s challenges.  What once was an easy platform to engage your audience, now due to the overwhelming numbers of players has become much more difficult.  Ultimately, people are only going to click the “Like” button on a certain number of pages, just as they will only sign up for a certain number of blogs and only subscribe to a certain number of membership sites.  As a result, where your competition was once only a similar business down the street, it is now every business everywhere.

With countless tips, tricks and strategies being touted every day by every guru on the planet, what it really comes down to is just a couple of simple marketing concepts that hold true for every form of marketing, Social Media no exception.

Generate leads

Convert those leads

There are as many ways to generate leads as there are reinventions of the razor blade, but when it comes to Social Media, in this case Facebook specifically, you do not want to limit yourself to people having to find your Fan Page only on Facebook.  In this video we show you how to take Facebook on the road and get people to click your Like button, in your office, at your lectures, at your screenings, from your newsletters and even from your business cards.  Welcome to Quick Response!

Of course, once you get them to click your Like button you need to immediately show them why you are someone that they need to pay attention to.  Someone with credibility. Someone, that has something that is of great value to them.  Just having a Facebook business page alone does not cut it.  Your Facebook Page should be telling them they need to keep coming back and that what you post on your wall they should not only follow in the News Feed, but respond to.

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