Breaking the 90/10 Marketing Rule

We wanted you to really see the impact of not breaking the 90/10 rule.  So we created this interactive spreadsheet so you can see just how many events you will need to do to build the practice you want. Frankly, without a SYSTEM you have a wall in front of you that most of you can never climb over.

You can download the spreadsheet by visiting:

Now go ahead and watch the second excerpt from The “SYSTEM” Webinar.  Know this, if you don’t break the 90/10 rule of Marketing you will not only have to do hundreds of events, i.e. lectures, screenings, Wellness Days, and Teleseminars, but you will be doomed to struggle to build your practice indefinitely.

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By the way if you missed the first excerpt on the 90/10 Rule click below to watch that one.  These only last a couple of minutes so well worth it.

First short video on 90/10 Rule. Click this link:

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