Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-10 Reasons You Don’t Get Patients

In this video Dr. Alan, brain based marketing expert and creator of the SYSTEM gives you 10 reasons you do not get patients from the internet.

So now the 10 things you want to avoid if you really want to get as many patients as possible from the internet.

Write these down!

New patients will not call your office if:

1. Your site uses stock photos of families, or stock photos of active people in a slide presentation that changes automatically and takes up most of the valuable real-estate on your home page.

2. Your website has so many links on the top and side navigation that people don’t know where to go first and just leave.

3. You have no video on the home page or worse are using a generic video that someone else made.

4. You are offering a newsletter to get people to give you their name and email which no one wants.

5. You are using price to get people to call your office. There is always someone that is cheaper.

6. Your website tells them more about you than what value there is for them if they become a patient.

7. You list your hours based on each day of the week which tells potential patients you are not convenient based on their schedule.

8. There’s better health information on the website of the local drug store, big box retailer or their insurance carrier so they do not see you as a source of everything health.

9. You only have a handful of testimonials on your site, they are hard to find, they are usually quotes spread all over the site so they do not influence the people coming to your site to call you.

10. Most of the content on your site is identical to the content on every other site your web company builds, except, they change the name and address to your name and address and Google punishes you for that, and, if they use robot text to block Google the only one they are fooling is you.

And, I’ll even give you one more.

11. Most of the pages on your site are full of text and no one wants to read all that so they don’t bother and just leave.

So, take a look at your own site. If your site breaks any of these 11 cardinal rules of engagement, you are not going to get patients.

Look, if you are serious about building your business, contact me at the number or email you see on the screen and I’ll show you what a real website should look like.

I’m Dr. Alan and have a great day.



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