Video Marketing Breaking the 90/10 Rule Part 3

The next step in breaking the 90/10 rule is creating value. Not value for you, value for your audience. When you create value for your audience they will fall all over themselves to give you their contact information. Once you get the contact information, the relationship begins. Then automatically, The “SYSTEM” goes to work converting them into patients.

With all the emails we received from all of you that could not get on the Webinar, and feeling how important this information is for you, we decided to give you what you want.  A second opportunity at learning this “Game Changing” information.  So, Dr. Steve and I decided that we would set up another Webinar not only for those that missed it, those that got bounced off, and those that called too late and could no longer get in, but for those that were on it and were so blown away by it that they keep calling to ask questions.

If you don’t want to read more, click the link to register.

To make it even better we are also going to enter everyone that registers a chance to win a Twelve Ways Marketing “SYSTEM” for their practice for an entire year just like the one Patti Giuliano won.

Now go ahead and watch the second excerpt from The “SYSTEM” Webinar.  Know this, if you don’t break the 90/10 rule of Marketing you will not only have to do hundreds of events, i.e. lectures, screenings, Wellness Days, and Teleseminars, but you will be doomed to struggle to build your practice indefinitely.

When you are done watching the video simply click on the video screen or this link below and it will take you to register.  Whatever you do, do not miss this twice.

By the way if you missed the first or second excerpt on the 90/10 Rule click below to watch either one.  These only last a couple of minutes so well worth it.

First short video on 90/10 Rule. Click this link:

Second short video on 90/10 Rule. Click this link:

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