Using A Marketing Video as a Webinar Invitation

Imagine using a video you get people to your Webinar.  Now I’m not just talking a video in the middle of a long page of text that forces people to scroll down the page, which a lot of your audience won’t even do.  I”m talking about the video itself as the link.

Using Amazon EZS3 it is easy and inexpensive to embed your Webinar Sign-Up form right into the video so that anytime they click on the video it takes them right to your registration page.

Watch the video and even click on the link if you would like. With video the way to go for everything this simple tool can be used for sign-up pages, getting people to your events or even get them to opt-in. Anything that is entertaining, short and to the point will boost your conversions and boosting conversions is what it is all about.

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