The Power of Internet Video Marketing

I had the opportunity to watch a great video by Dr. Matt Hubbard this morning.  Dr. Matt understands the power of video.  Video gets your message across better than any other format.  Better than audio and certainly better than text.  Of course not everyone has the charisma of Dr. Matt, but that doesn’t matter.  As Dr. Troy Dukowitz says, showing up is half the battle.

Just remember this.  Steve Harrison, marketing expert says:

What’s the fastest way to become well-known
— even famous — on the Internet as an
expert authority in your field?

Two words: ‘ONLINE VIDEO’

52% of Internet traffic is now video …
70% of web surfers watch video online …
and the average YouTube visitor spends 27
minutes a day watching videos.

If you look at my videos, you know that, I’m not that pretty, my voice is far from perfect, but every week I get a video out there into cyberspace.  Not only do I get a video out, but I get something out there you can use right away to build your practice.  They don’t even have to have you in the video.  Just get something of value out there.  Just remember that audio was big when we first did it a couple of years ago.  Although it is certainly better than text, it pales compared to video.

As Dr. Matt said this morning, “More Awesomeness to come in the new decade!”  Starting in 2010, the Twelve Ways Program is once again leading the pack and pushing video in a big way.  In fact, we have a big Webinar coming up on how to get video on your site that doesn’t even require a video camera , and it cost only pennies a day to keep it up and running.

Stay tuned, and feel free to comment.