Video Marketing Tip of the Week-Alex Mandossian Live in the VIP App

In this video marketing tip of the week, Alex Mandossian shows you how to convert Suspects into Prospects live in the VIP App.

The information the Alex gives here is valuable for any and every business. Broadcast live inthe VIP every Friday at 3:00 PM EST at

The VIP App is the first communication tool that gives you the ability to get in front of your database any time you want and now you can stream it live through Google+ Hangouts and YouTube Live.

Imagine all your live events being shown live on the desktop of the people that follow you as it happens. No need to send an invitation, no need to try to get them to sign up, and no need to get them to show up. When you go live the VIP App is there. If they don’t want to watch it then at the end it simply converts to a regular video they can watch later.

To Learn more about the VIP App and how you can get one for your business visit:

there is a Special Section for Health-Care practitioners so make sure you click that link.

For more more great video marketing tips visit:


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