Video Marketing Tip of the Week-Using Social Media to Get Patients

In this week’s Video Marketing Tip of the Week we talk about how to really get patients from Social Media.  Having a page one Google listing or a lot of fans on Facebook is only step 1.  Step 2 is where the money is.

Remember when people search for a healthcare professional on the internet it is not like searching for pizza delivery.  They check you out and they also check out other offices listed in the search result.  What they find ultimately determines whom they choose. They do not just choose whoever is first on Google.  That is a myth.

Here are some rules you need to know to actually get patients from the search engines.

  1. Your website and you Facebook Timeline must engage your visitors as soon as they get there (within 7 seconds).
  2. You need an ethical bribe such as an e-book to capture their name and email (a newsletter will not work).
  3. You must have a sign-up form that gets them into your funnel.
  4. You need an interview of you or professional testimonials to build credibility.
  5. You need an extensive health database on your site to brand you as a Source of Everything Health.
  6. You must have an automated Follow-Up SYSTEM in place for conversion.

To learn more about the SYSTEM that brings you both Step 1 and Step2.  In other words from the internet into your office, visit us at:, or email us at

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  1. Your information is sound and is exactly what I have been aiming at the past year – to build credibility online. If you have the experience and are confident that you can offer and deliver excellent patient outcomes AND somehow manage to portray this online, you will succeed in an outstanding online consultancy.
    I specialize in an online candida yeast infection practice in New Zealand but have plenty of USA and European patients, distance is not a problem. I highly recommend your methods to those docs who want to do well online but waste money on SEO, Adwords, etc and think they need to be on page one, it is simply not true. Eric Bakker ND New Zealand

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