Video Marketing Tip of the Week-The Chiropractic Wake-Up Call

Which do you think is more important, where people see you on page one (1) Google or where they see you in your role as health-care provider?

If you are a chiropractor this is your Wake-Up call.  Right now in your own backyard your position as a Health and Wellness leader is being seriously eroded and most of us either don’t know, or are letting it happen.

In this video marketing tip of the week we show you exactly what is going on all around you.  We want you to realize, that if we want to save the profession we need to make a change and make it fast.

Recently Dr. Fabrizio Mancini appeared on the Dr. Phil show, and soon, if not already, will appear on The Doctors television show.  As a result, we all have the opportunity to brand ourselves as Health and Wellness leaders but we need to make sure our message is clear and what we send out to the public via our blogs, our videos, our websites, our social media posts, and the community, does not keep us locked in the low back pain box we have already created for ourselves.

Watch this Video Marketing Tip and when you are done send it to every chiropractor you know.  We need to make our message clear.

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  1. Dr., do you really think that a manipulation done at some insurance office is going to get the results that a D.C. does? Do you really think that 2 appearances by Dr. Mancini can change our image? Your message if full of fear and panic like we are losing something. I have been practicing here in Italy for 19 years and am surrounded by an ignorance that would make your head spin!! But I am not afraid, I simply tell my patients that if I find the vertebral subluxation I can help them…and then I do it.
    I respect your efforts but portraing our profession as if it is on its last legs is not correct to me. The real problem that most of my colleagues have such a lack of confidence along with a desperation mindset and nightmare communication skills that they let the inmates run the asylum!! Why? Because my colleagues put little value first on themselves and even less on what chiropractic can do for people. They are afraid because they do not have the skills to explain and enter into a dialogue with their patients to find out what they want as far as their health. We are the nervous system specialists not some hack blood pressure/manipulation clinic.
    Really, competition like that makes me roar with laughter yet you doctor, are passing on the fear like these people can actually hurt us. Believe me, if the profession adopted the skills I have learned by Drs. Russ Rosen and Anjie Meyer then people WOULD UNDERTAND and DCs would have massive offices like mine!!! I recently heard of all the chiropractic care you need for $69 a month…………?! If that DC would adopt a different approach he or she would actually be able to ask a professional fee but they are desperate/afraid and totally off track.
    So doctor, I am sorry to say that your solution to the problem is at best a bandaid and although I agree the chiropractic is the Wellness Solution the fact is that is it the resposibility of every DC to explain and have their patients commit to programs for their health not by scaring them. People will come to our offices anyway because they will not get the results elsewhere….but the DC just lets them walk right back out.
    Your message Doctor just emphasizes the point about the difficulties most DCs face about patient rapport, and having them understand what we do so they can take responsiblity for their health.
    You are complaining about the lack of wellness awareness yet only 5% of DCs do any type of reexamintion!! This is INSANITY!!! So of course the patients base their results on their symptoms. The PVA here of most of my colleagues here is 8!! This is also insantiy!! It is possible to do any type of wellness care with this!!! NO.
    So Doctor, please stop the the doom and gloom messages of our supposed dying profession and focus on the solution which again is the techniques and skills that any DC can learn and which I learned from Stop the fear and please give a lasing solution.

    Already woken up,
    Dr. Matthew Deegan

  2. First, I do not believe that an adjustment done at an insurance office will get the same results of a chiropractor but the point was the public may not know the difference and it is our job to inform them.

    The profession may not be on its last leg but we do think it needs a marketing makeover and the purpose of the video series I began will show the solution which I made very clear we will do at the end of the video.

    Glad to hear you are already woken up and I hope to help doctors become more aware and get the public more aware the value of what it is we do. As I said in the video we are the best profession to take the leadership role in healthcare.


    Dr. Alan

  3. I am deeply blessed as a doctor to be able to provide health and wellness to our community and am very lucky that I chose chiropractic as my vessel to do that. With that said, I am also deeply aware of our public perception as a whole and our extremely limited position as true health and wellness providers. Our biggest problem is Us, as we know, and that starts and ends with the quality of doctors we produce. Just think back to good old chiro school and remember how many future “Health and Wellness” doctors were gathered around? Not very many, period. You Cannot provide health and wellness if you don’t practice and radiate health and wellness, period. Very very few chiropractors who truly have a passion for health and apply it in their own lives are not successful in practice, if any. Very simple solution to our profession’s problem and the dreaded warning about our future. 100% Focus on the recruitment, training, and educating of individuals who truly have the knowledge, passion, and the potential to be true Health and Wellness providers. So in short abolishing the “100% focus on profit”, policy that is currently in place with our colleges. If one wants a high quality outcome one must have high quality ingredients. If we want a high quality perception/future, we must start with high quality doctors, any other focus is counterproductive, period. Once we as a profession produce doctors who truly have a passion for health and healing we will transcend any and all fear of our public perception and future. Live well!

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