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In this week’s Marketing Video Tip of the Week we bring you the fastest and most professional way to get your Facebook Timeline up and running, building credibility, generating leads, converting leads to patients and getting people to come back to your Facebook page over and over.  Is your page doing that?

Facebook’s stats are reiterated time and again. But they are for a reason. Facebook’s 850 million users are active users, 483 million of them use Facebook daily and 425 million are on Facebook through their mobiles – they carry Facebook in their pockets, purses and everywhere they go.  Facebook also supports 70 different languages and is quite literally all over the world. These stats continue to grow by the month and Facebook has said they’re aiming for 900 million by the end of 2012 – but many think it’ll be closer to the Billion mark.

Facebook also accounts for 95% of time spent on social networks. This means that, of the total time people are spending on social media sites on the Net, Facebook is eating up 95% of that time. Unlike sites like Twitter where people leave quick tweets, Facebook has a huge “stickiness factor” where users are not just checking in and out, they are sticking around, looking for updates, and finding people, pages, groups, games, and more – they are interacting.

As of  March 30th, all Facebook pages automatically changed over to the new Timeline layout. Facebook has given every page owner a month’s grace to test, learn, and edit their new page’s look before they are published permanently in the Timelines layout – and seen by all their fans and users alike.

It is important that your page’s Wall (now called the Activity Feed) is designed in such a way that users want to read your updates, to see your pictures, to find out more about your products or services and, most importantly, that they don’t mind seeing you in their newsfeed. Page owners will have to drive traffic to these custom pages if they want users to enter a contest, sign up to their list or give up an email in exchange for a free gift.

If you look at your Facebook business page now you can see that unless you do something fast and something professional your Facebook page will have no ability to generate leads or convert those leads to patients. This is why we decided to help you turn your Facebook Timeline into a patient generating machine.  Check out the video above and prepare to be wowed.

In this Video Marketing Tip of the Week we show you how simple it is to create a Facebook Timeline that brands you as a source of everything health.

With everyone scrambling to figure out a way to get updated for the Facebook Timeline, we have put together the perfect package to get you up and running in no time and get your message to your patients and clients.

If you want step by step instructions on how to change all the images on the new Timeline watch this video.

Either as a SYSTEM client or just choose our Facebook Credibility Package and we will help brand you as the wellness leader in our community. To learn more about the SYSTEM visit us at:, or email us at

Facebook Timeline does not have to be difficult.

If you are serious about getting your Facebook Timeline page functional let us know how we can help.  The longer it takes to get it the way it should be, the more business you are losing.


  1. Hello Dr. Alan,
    This looks real good. I’ve seen several videos/presentations on Facebook Timeline already, but yours is the most complete one specific for chiropractic so far. Will be interested in seeing more details.

    Thank you
    Jim Barger DC

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