Video Marketing Repetition Breeds Association

If you build an association so that every time your patient thinks of health they think of you, and every time they think of you they think of health, it is only a matter of time before they will come to your office. Realize this! It takes 4 to 8 repetitions to create the association and 4 to 8 repetitions before a client will even consider doing business with you.  Not 4 to 8 a year, but 4 to 8 a month.

Here is the problem! Most health-care professionals, Chiropractors, Metabolic Typing® Advisors, FDNers, send a newsletter and send it at best twice a month. As a result, it takes 3 to 8 months to build the association. This means that the window of opportunity, the time period when most leads are the hottest, the 30 day window is most likely lost. As a result, even though they were your lead, there is a good chance that they will become a patient of someone else.

We realize that following up on your leads is a tough game.  It requires repetition and consistency. It requires you send your leads something they want, something of value to them. The problem is, most of you are too busy, don’t have the desire, or the technical know how to do it yourself.  That is why we created  The “SYSTEM” to do it for you.

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