7 Cold Hard Facts About Google+, HOA and Social Media

In this Google+ and HOA no BS video, marketing expert, Dr. Alan Weinstein becomes the first person to pull back the curtain on what no one has been paying attention to, 7 Cold Hard Facts About Google+ and HOA.

If you ever plan to make money using Google+ and HOA you need to watch this video. Up until now, no one has had the cajones to let this cat out of the bag until right now.

It’s getting harder than ever to get the attention of your prospects…

The traditional method of using emails (and social media) to promote online events has been used and abused over the years. For many business owners, these options are simply no longer effective to get above all the noise.

If you’re tired of struggling to get the attention of your list through email and social media, then this letter WILL provide you with an exciting solution.

These days it is a huge enough challenge just to get a prospect to open your email, click your link, and then register for your event (Google Live Hangout or webinar). But remember, there is a big difference between a prospect registering, and then actually showing up on the day.

It would be fair to say that only around 30% of the people that register, actually end up attending your event. And even people that have 50,000 followers in Google+ sometimes have only 20 or 30 people show up in their Live Hangouts. That’s an embarrassing attendance rate…

In todays economic climate, it’s near impossible to stand out and differentiate yourself with email and social media.

Unfortunately, what worked ten years ago, doesn’t work today…

More than ever, it’s time to embrace technology. And look at how we can communicate with our audience from a completely different perspective. I have something brand new to introduce to you. And I’m confident it will absolutely blow you away.

I’m going to show you how you can effectively use “Google Hangouts On Air” to stay in touch with your tribe, and get an attendance rate of at least 83% to show up. And even that is being conservative once you understand how this works.

Just imagine getting a minimum of 83% attendance rates. And on a consistent basis as well. These days those sort of numbers are normally completely unheard of.

if you are ready to own a piece of real-estate on your followers desktop, iPhone and iPad you need to contact Dr. Weinstein yourvipappislive@gmail.com