Video Marketing Webinar Invitation Follow 3

Imagine a system so automatic that it works 24/7 for you. From automatic phone calls to emails, audios, and videos from you doubling and tripling your conversion rates. Imagine! Only the “SYSTEM”!

So here we go again with the third follow-up invitation.  I know it seems redundant but if you do these on a regular basis, people find them motivating and entertaining.  Why would people want to keeping looking at these?  What is the motivation.  As part of our ethical bribe for people to attend, we are offering them a free pass to our Video on Your Website, hands-on Work Shop.  Everyone wants to put video on their website now, so the more samples they see, the more they get ideas of how they want to use video for their business and the more likely they’ll want to attend this webinar and the free Video webinar.

Remember we are all about giving value and the ethical bribe is another example of giving as much value as possible.

Now make sure you comment on the video and the post.  When people comment on your post it notifies others that commented on your post and it helps you get much more exposure.