Video Marketing Pearl of the Week-The Future Of Digital Marketing

In this video marketing pearl of the week, App designer and Brain Based Marketing Expert, Dr. Alan Weinstein fills in for Alex Mandossian and talks about what it takes to reach your database now and in the future.

The truth has changed…

Email is consistently decaying with open rates dwindling to under 10%.

I’m concerned because every 100,000 people who receive an email from me, at best, 15% open and read and I lose 85% of my subscribers attention.

Other marketers report 5% open rates which means 95% of their list do NOT even read the email.

“How Big Is Your Email List?” is no longer a valid or intelligent question to ask a potential JV partner.

“What’s Your ‘Open’ Rate?” is the better question.

What’s the solution?

There are two solutions:
1) Mobile and 2) Apps

So here is what Alex Mandossian had to say about this event,

“I wasn’t on live, but man … you CRUSHED it today Dr. A! I loved how you specifically focused TRENDS and made it “brain based” and not “sales based” … you can take my spot any Friday!!!!!”

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